5th - 8th


Andrew Rubin


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KIPP Academy is the original KIPP middle school. As the founding school, KIPP Academy commits to staying true to KIPP’s two basic rules — “Be Nice and Work Hard.” To teach kids how to be nice, KIPP Academy focuses on appreciation, patience, humility, and doing the right thing because we believe character is as important as academics. To teach kids how to work hard, KIPP Academy focuses on standards based grading,  differentiated instruction, and technology integration in order to make sure that kids are not just ready for standardized tests, but ready for success at the college level.


KIPP Academy serves 420 college-bound students in grades 5th through 8th from Houston’s Southwest community.

Our student body is 74% Hispanic, 23% African-American, and 2% Asian.

Our diverse staff of 31 provides a rigorous college-preparatory education with an emphasis on differentiated reading instruction, cross-curricular writing initiatives, STEM projects, and Spanish.

At KIPP Academy, we look beyond state tests and focus on the reading, writing, and thinking skills that students need to be successful in college classes.

Teaching at KIPP Academy

As one of the two original KIPP schools in the country, KIPP Academy has the honor of being home to some of KIPP’s most experienced and successful teachers. They create a stable and positive environment, which allows for the entire staff to focus on innovative instruction. We strive to free our teachers from the constraints of a standardized testing culture so our teachers can do what they dreamed of doing when they first entered the profession.


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